BC 50th Anniversary Feature; Plus One Year Free Membership!

Spring has finally sprung and with it has come our first fleeting sights of some of our colourful friends who are now emerging after the long cold winter months.

With the beginnings of spring we also have some rather exciting news of our own…  Butterfly Conservation the UK’s leading charity pioneering butterfly and moth conservation have decided to feature our first publication, “British Butterflies: to colour in and learn about”, in their latest 50th anniversary magazine!

BC, now in it’s 50th year, is headed by Sir David Attenborough and has many local branches with over 30 volunteer run nature reserves which are open to visits all year round.

What’s more BC are now currently offering a one year free membership pass if you apply at the following link before 30th April 2018.

The free subscription includes the following:

  • Membership of your local Branch
  • Regular newsletters and updates on projects in your area
  • Invitations to guided walks, talks and social events near you
  • A copy of Gardening for Butterflies & Moths, the brilliant book by Kate Bradbury
  • Information about our reserves, including when and where you can see different species.

With ongoing research continually revealing catastrophic declines in European bird species due to lack of food sources (insects) which are being wiped out on a large scale (up to 75% decline over 27 years!) by increased pesticide use, there is no time like the present to support wildlife charities like Butterfly Conservation who work tirelessly and provide safe havens and opportunities to volunteer on a local level.

You can join free for your first year here: https://butterfly-conservation.org/4467/free-membership-offer.html


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