Butterfly Colouring Book: Hot Off The Press!


Our first colouring book in association with the Royal Entomological Society is about to hit the shops very soon so watch this space!

In this first book you will learn about 32 butterfly species found here in the United Kingdom. We have included some common species as well as some of our rarest such as the Swallowtail.

Each butterfly is conveniently arranged by group in the index, and you may note some similarities (wing shape, colouration) between those sharing the same group.

Butterfly populations are fragile in our ever-changing world, the Large Tortoiseshell for instance is generally considered extinct. We therefore hope our book will help inspire awareness and appreciation of the diverse beauty that can be found in our gardens, parks and surrounding countryside.

As you colour in each page you will begin to familiarize yourself with each different species and your finished book will ultimately serve as a practical identification guide.

For more information or to request a press pack for review, please contact us here.

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