New Summer Postcard Collections: British Seabirds and British Seafood


As we edge our way into Summer, we bring news of some new postcard collections we have been working on.

The new sea-themed postcards are an ideal canvas for writing those “wish you were here” style anecdotes on those hot (hopefully!) summer days down by the sea.

The British Seabird postcard collection celebrates some of our most distinct bird species that you may happen across on your travels from Choughs (conservation status: green) to Puffins (conservation status: amber).  The rear of the postcard provides some species information and conservation status.



The British Seafood collection is a set of 10 striking designs of under-the-sea dwelling species from the Common Skate (MSC rating: 5 = avoid) to the Brown Crab (MSC rating: 2-4).  Each postcard includes striking artwork on the front, printed on premium card with MSC ratings and notes on the rear.  MSC ratings are numbered between 1-5 and relate to the sustainability of a species; 1-2 being fine to catch/eat, 3-4 being amber rated and 5 which you should avoid at all costs.



Each set of 10 postcards is bound in a colourful presentation box, designed and printed in the UK on 400gsm 6×4 postcard from sustainable sources.

Available at a growing number of bricks and mortar shops or directly from our website.

RRP: £5.99




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