British Moths: Postcard Collection


Box set of ten unique British moth designs, each printed on a 400gsm postcard.

A collection of ten British moth postcards in a presentation box, including:

Elephant Hawk-moth, Deilephila elpenor

Emperor Moth, Saturnia pavonia

Eyed Hawk-moth, Smerinthus ocellata

Garden Tiger, Arctia caja

Kentish Glory, Endromis versicolora

Lappet, Gastropacha quercifolia

Large Emerald, Geometra papilionaria

Leopard Moth, Zeuzera pyrina

Red Underwing, Catocala nupta

Ruby Tiger, Phragmatobia fuliginosa


Designed and printed in the UK on 400gsm 6×4 postcard from sustainable sources



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